January 26, 2015

Nothing Comes Out of Nothing

Mona Lisa is one of the best paintings, the world of art has ever witnessed. Do you think that this painting was made by mixing different colors in a bucket and pouring it on the canvas?  Look at the beautiful creation around you. Tall mountains, serene rivers, beautiful sky, dazzling stars, scenic landscapes – all elements of unlimited splendor and beauty; are they created just by one blast millions of years ago or by chance? A logical man would never think like that. He would consider an intelligent brain behind the beautiful creation. Just like Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo-da-Vinci, this beautiful creation is a work of the Supreme Lord.

Symmetry in Creation
Everything we see in nature has a perfect symmetry and a perfect logical science behind it. Consider the structural and functional unit of matter – the atom. It is composed of a nucleus which has got protons and neutrons and the nucleus is orbited by electrons. The electrons are held to the nucleus by electromagnetic force and the protons and neutrons are held within the nucleus by nuclear force. And the number of protons determines the nature of metal. And if protons and neutrons are separated, an enormous amount of energy is released which is capable of destroying a city itself. Atom is so minute that it is not visible to our eyes. However it consists of energy which can destroy a huge city. When one studies this model, one can be left wondrous about the perfection and the symmetry in it. Such perfection is not possible to happen just by chance.
The symmetry of creation and its regulative actions and reactions suggests the plan of an intelligent brain behind them, and by genuine inquiry one may find out the ultimate cause with the help of one who knows them factually.

Life Comes From Life
Scientists believe that life begins from dull matter, a combination of chemicals. In the creation we see that birds beget birds, tiger begets tiger, and humans give birth to humans only. It is a common visible phenomenon in the creation. But where is the proof to show that life comes from dull matter like chemicals. Can a scientist produce life given the same chemicals? From unconscious dead matter, life is not produced. It is the element of consciousness that combines the chemical and produces life. This element of consciousness is called soul. And when soul departs from the body, death occurs. The spirit soul comes from the Supreme Life and that life is God or Krishna. Krishna mentions in Bhagavad-gita:
With a single fragment of Myself I pervade and support this entire universe. (Bhagavad-gita 10.42)
Just because scientists cannot perceive the soul, doesn\'t mean that it does not exist. It does exist. Just like one cannot see air, one can only feel it. In the same way soul can be felt through consciousness which is spread all over the body.

The Original Cause
A blind man may not believe in the existence of the sun, but there is sun nevertheless. Similarly there is God and He is the cause of the creation and origin of everything that exists. Everything in creation we see has a cause. Our human brain is very tiny to understand the vastness of the creation by research. Neither have we time to conduct such a vast research as our lives are very short. Hence the scriptures (ancient texts) which are given to us by God or Krishna Himself contain all information required to know about the original cause. Although Krishna is the cause of all causes, He is not caused by anything. In the creation when we examine the cause of anything, we find that cause leads to another cause and this cause and effect goes on and on. That is the difference between God and His creation. God is the cause of all causes but He Himself has no cause. This makes God, the supremely independent person.
If we wish to understand God, we must find that person from whom everything emanates, by whom everything is maintained, into whom everything is merged to rest at the end, who is the controller of everything that exists and is not controlled by anyone. That is Krishna. He is the supreme controller, we are controlled every moment. We are controlled by our senses; we are controlled by material nature\'s law of birth, death, old age and disease. Can anyone deny this fact? Who can claim that I am not controlled by anyone and I am free always?

Why Do We Deny the Existence of God?
Srimad-Bhagavatam emphasizes rejection on all the cheating processes in the name of religion and establishes the clear terms for a true religion.
Such truth uproots the threefold misery. This beautiful Bhagavatam, compiled by the great sage Sri Vyasadeva, is sufficient in itself for God realization. As soon as one attentively and submissively hears the message of Bhagavatam, he becomes attached to the Supreme Lord. (Bhagavatam 1.1.2)
What generally is tagged to the name of religion is not a spiritual culture at all but it is an advancement of dharma (religiosity), artha (economic development), kama (sense gratification) and moksha (liberation). People do pious activities to advance in economic development. By economic development they enjoy themselves. But when they fail to become happy and satisfied by such sense gratification, they seek liberation. This advancement is based on the satisfaction of an individual and not God. People want God to be their order supplier and offer them few prayers as payment. This kind of religion is just a business and is not based on love. We often come across people who deny the very existence of God just because God did not carry out their orders. These people turn out to be hard core atheists. This is cheating. One should not make God as His order supplier. Instead one should serve God\'s instructions and satisfy God faithfully. When one understands this basic truth, he will understand that God exists and He is the cause of all causes.

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About the Author
This author of the article belongs to ISKCON Bangalore Religious Temple. ISKCON Bangalore is a charitable society with the objective of propagating Krishna Consciousness all over the world, as explained by Srila Prabhupada, whose teachings are based on Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. The society was registered in the year 1978 under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. Donations are accepted in order to uphold this mission of Srila Prabhupada.

January 14, 2015

Esotericism and Politics: the Secret Origins of United Europe

A book published in Italy sheds new light on the secret process that led to the formation of the European Union.

The other Europe

With a title meaning "The other Europe", L'altra Europa by Paolo Rumor (2010, Hobby & Work, Varese, Italy) is an uncommon and interesting book for two reasons: first for the contents, but also for the peculiarity of its sources.

The book arises from the evidence — documents and private confidences — relating to certain specific activities and acquaintances of the author's father, Giacomo, in the period 1943-1962 approximately.

The author (a professional lawyer) and his father Giacomo (1906-1982) belong to an illustrious family of Vicenza, with strong Catholic tradition, which counted eminent personalities: his great-grandfather, he also Giacomo (1858-1931), founder and promoter of the Catholic mutual institutions in the region of Veneto; the cousin of his father, Mariano (1915-1990), a prominent figure in Christian Democracy (shortly DC) from 1945 until his death (he was active in Resistanceand member of the National Liberation Committee; deputy at the Italian Constituent Assembly; several times Minister and President of the Council of Ministers — ie Prime Minister); and finally his father Giacomo himself.

At the heart of the book are the activities which Giacomo Rumor performed — altogether confidentially — around the decade 1943-1953, as a representative or a trustee of the Catholic forces of Resistance during the War, and of the Italian government in the following years. Paolo Rumor reports that he had been informed about that by his father — privately and confidentially — both verbally and reading documents, whose classified nature was such that even towards the end of the 1970s his father recommended not to tell anyone about that matter until the end of the century at least, ie, after the passing of the protagonists of that period. The memories gathered by Paolo Rumor are very relevant both in terms of politics and history, and should not go missing: so from this material, together with Prof. Giorgio Galli's and my own contributions, the book L'altra Europa was born.

In addition to his father's private confidences, the sources of memories are represented by letters and documents (including typewritten pages, sketches, maps, plans, fragments of unknown writing and other) addressed to Giacomo Rumor by Msgr. Giovanni Battista Montini (afterwards Pope Paul VI) in 1943 and in 1961-'62; by Cardinal Francis Spellman in 1961; by French statesman Maurice Schumann around 1950; and other persons non-nameable for reasons of confidentiality. Paolo Rumor could also examine other material of unknown origin, now lost, but dated back to 1962 at least. On the whole, the contents related to two seemingly different subjects: one political-economic; the other historical-archaeological, and in some respects even mythical-legendary.

Giacomo Rumor and the project of United Europe

Giacomo Rumor, who always lived in close contact with his grandfather, graduated in Law at Padua, where, within the circle of the Catholic University Youth, he met Msgr. Montini. During the War he joined Resistance in Provincial Liberation Committee, as a member of DC; after the War he did not continue in politics at national level, but undertook administrative assignments in several local authorities and institutions, both public and private.

In addition to these "official" assignments, however, there was one very particular and confidential. Indicated by the Vatican as persona grata among the leaders of the Catholic world (thanks also to the personal consideration of Msgr. Montini), G. Rumor was commissioned by Alcide De Gasperi— Minister for Foreign Affairs at the time of Parri's Cabinet (21 June to 10 December 1945) — as one of the representatives for European affairs. Between the second half of the 1940s and the early 1950s, G. Rumor often went abroad to meet people who were responsible for the project of the European Union; but these activities were managed in a completely confidential way and outside of the normal democratic processes.

Through the testimony of G. Rumor, in fact, it appears that behind the official apparatuses there would be individuals and organizations working with tools and purposes which transcend those strictly statual, and that the true inspirers of the European Union would not have been those known to history: other people (which not even G. Rumor himself met, apart from Schumann) would have operated in the shadows and provided the impetus mediately. There would have existed and still should exist a secret organization — called the “Structure" — which has been working long on the "Great Work": a project for Europe within a wider geopolitical agenda of "systematization" of Western civilization. Such alleged Structure — true protagonist and promoter of the project of European unification — for its own purposes would also resort to the control of information and to techniques of suggestion and concealment in order to drive the emotions of the people, their expectations, their aspirations; and consequently to make them accept changes which involve national communities. Governments and parliaments would not be aware of this project, except for few transparent and public aspects, remaining for the rest substantially excluded and manipulated as instruments, more or less unaware.

Giovanni Battista Montini (Pope Paul VI)      French statesman Maurice Schumann

An ancient geopolitical design

Even before the end of the War, on initiative of the United States and of the major European countries involved in the conflict, it had been formed a group of experts, later expanded and articulated in various informal study committees (G. Rumor took part in that of internal trade) with the task of studying the legal, economic and social basis on which to form an outline of the European Union. This was according to a geopolitical design which aimed to: a) define a new political, juridical and economic order to prevent the recurrence of international conflicts; b) consolidate and spread throughout the Mediterranean area the liberal market economy and democracy as form of government; c) create a third pole as a political, economic, cultural subject which is able to compete with the United States and with the new emerging Asiatic subjects (Japan, China, India).

Schumann played a major role in this project, although at the time he had not any government assignments (his party was oppositionist), just as G. Rumor, who was not even engaged in political activities. In fact, the building of Europe depended on centers of power other than the official ones and proceeded with his own strength and purpose, which transcended the contingent historical-political situation. As evidence of this, suffice it to say that some of the fellows of the study committees were living in countries still occupied by the Allies or even under the totalitarian regimes of Eastern Europe.

The scheme of the Statute of Council of Europe signed on 1949 — upon which it is grafted the subsequent European plant (drafted by Jean Monnet on behalf of Schumann) — was adapted from a paper called “Act of intent July 20, 1889”, signed by D'Angloise-Boile-Michelini-Kauffmann. The study for the formation and implementation of the European Union was not really new: it had been prepared long ago and had been waiting for favorable conditions for its implementation. Schumann himself, during one of the sessions of the committee which they attended, personally confided to G. Rumor that the aspiration for a "Western geopolitical humanism" had taken concrete form at the time of the Restorationsubsequent to the fall of Napoleon.

The Priors

Between the Wars some British, French and American intellectual circles began to promote the idea of a united Europe which had as point of reference the prestige and moral authority embodied by a dynasty of ancient nobility. These circles included some intellectuals who adhered to a "European Movement" officially existing since the 1930s, and unofficially long before that. They were called "Priors": they were the first to cultivate the idea of a Federation of States, and this, since the second half of 19th century; but truly the movement claimed to trace its strategy to an extraordinarily distant past, almost mythical.

At the time of G. Rumor their members were mostly French, English and Scottish (apparently Schumann himself joined them). This fact is confirmed in a letter addressed to G. Rumor by Cardinal Spellman in 1961: among other things, there was talk of the organization which had prepared and possessed the documents called "Protocols", allegedly existent since about 1870; there was also talk of the Presidency of the Union and of the possible regency by an illustrious lineage. A certain Plantard was mentioned, and it was made warning to beware of a structure called “Contingent”. In other of Rumor's documents it was described a group of people called "Elders", and it was reported about certain texts called "The Protocols of the Priors" (written, or re-written, around the second half of 19th century) which would present a political agenda for the reorganization of the Western world and which would be used — at least partly — for the setting of the early stages of the Union, at the time of Schumann. It seems certain that, in addition to these protocols, they were released some others — fictitious but plausible — in order to conceal the first: this would be the case of the famous “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”, written in Russia in the early 1900s. The original Protocols would still be preserved in Great Britain.

Within these intellectual circles the European Union was seen as a commemoration of the supposed original semi-mythical union which was said to have existed at the beginning, in a distant past, before the "global upheaval" which had caused the decline and the dispersion of an advanced urban civilization settled partly in the southern basin of the Mediterranean Sea, partly in the Indian subcontinent as well as in other places. It was as if, through a symbolic process, the pursuit of the project of union was nothing more than the repetition of an antecedent event, with the aim to reproduce a condition existed in the distant past.

This and other circles — of a more or less elitist and esoteric character, which Schumann himself claimed to have played a key role in organizing the initial European Union — would be, however, merely some of the many visible "masks" that the so-called "Structure", accordingly to its secret nature, had shown over the centuries pursuing its goal of driving the political-cultural evolution of the European countries and, in general, of the Western world. Such a Structure would have acted as a guardian and as a catalyst of the idea of European identity and would have worked to preserve and stimulate some significant expressions of it. This would have been done in several ways: by embodying itself in institutions of political, religious, scientific, humanistic nature; by sponsoring cultural activities; by financing and promoting scientific researches through foundations, donations and associations. It would have benefited humanists, scientists and government men such as Sandro Botticelli, Robert Boyle, Robert Fludd, John Locke, Victor Hugo, André Gide, Robert Hooke, Samuel Adams and others, even recently.

Founding fathers of the European Union

The Structure emerges

The Structure, allegedly still alive, would have assumed different names depending on the place, the culture and the period in which it was to operate, thus remaining essentially indistinguishable from the social-cultural-historical context outside. In addition, the team that formed the inner and elitist part had been handing down convictions, knowledge and traditions quite particular and different from those of the rest of its "external" members (from which the first limited to obtaining useful services). In this way, the Structure would have been able to disguise itself through the prevalent expressions and traditions of the various historical periods, while keeping always intact its own distinctive personality; and such it still would remain.

The Structure would be articulated into three levels: deliberative, advisory and executory. In Rumor's documents there was a complete list of the members belonging to the advisory level of the Structure, which we will discuss later. About the deliberative level — evidently the most secret — nothing is said. Finally, about the executory level some names and circumstances are reported, shedding new light on certain events of the postwar period, such as the murder of Enrico Mattei, which is worth a digression in a future article (Esotericism And Politics: The Mattei Affair).



David Icke - The Origins & Symbolism of the European Union

January 01, 2015

At Your Command

by Neville Goddard




Neville Goddard is well known as one of the most influential teachers and writers of spiritual work. Beginning in the Great Depression of the 1930s, his methods influenced countless people.

This wonderful book, written by one of the most gifted spiritual teacher of the Twentieth Century, contains the very essence of the Principle of Expression. The author teaches readers that the source of all creation is the mind, and he explains how a person can succeed in the manifestation process through the right use of mind. He reveals the true meaning of affirmations, and delves into the creative power of mental images.

God responds to prayers that command in harmony with the consciousness of the individual. This requires Faith and Belief. Ask and you shall receive, but ask as though you have already received — and with thankfulness and gratitude that your prayers have been answered!

A practical way for guaranteed success is revealed in this little masterpiece called "At Your Command".

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Law of Attraction

At Your Command is the first book written, in 1939, by one of the most gifted spiritual teacher of the Twentieth Century, Neville Goddard. Beginning in the Great Depression of the 1930s, his methods influenced countless people, until his death in 1972.

This little masterpiece contains the very essence of the Principle of Expression, also known as Law of Attraction. The author teaches readers that the source of all creation is the mind, and he explains how a person can succeed in the manifestation process through the right use of mind. He reveals the true meaning of affirmations, and delves into the creative power of mental images.

God, the awareness of being

Man can man decree a thing and that thing has to occur. It always has been so: not one thing has ever appeared in man’s world but what man decreed that it should. This decreeing is based upon a changeless principle. You do not command things to appear by your words or loud affirmations; such vain repetition is more often than not confirmation of the opposite. Decreeing is ever done in consciousness. That is; every man is conscious of being that which he has decreed himself to be.

No matter what happens to man in this world, it is never an accident. It occurs under the guidance of an exact and changeless Law.

Every spiritual person will agree with the statement that all things were made by God, but what man does not agree upon is the identity of God.

God is the awareness of being. That is the door through which the manifestations of life pass into the world of form.

Moses discovered God to be man’s awareness of being, when he declared these little understood words, “I AM hath sent me unto you.” And the awareness of beingas God is stated hundreds of times also in the New Testament.

Consciousness, the resurrecting power

Consciousness is the resurrecting power — resurrecting that which man is conscious of being. Man is ever out-picturing that which he is conscious of being. This is the truth that makes man free, for man is always self-imprisoned or self-freed.

If you will give up all of your former beliefs in a God apart from yourself, and claim God as our awareness of being — as Jesus and the prophets did — you will transform your world with the realization that, “I and my father are one.” The ‘father’ is the awareness of being; the 'son' is that which we are conscious of being, and which therefore manifest into your life.

In the awareness of being all things are possible. This is his decreeing — rising in consciousness to the naturalness of being the thing desired.

To be born again

You are, at this very moment, drawing into your world that which you are now conscious of being. If you are dissatisfied with your present expression in life, the only way to change it is to take your attention away from that which seems so real to you and rise in consciousness to that which you desire to be. To dissolve a problem that now seems so real to you, all that you do is remove your attention from it. In spite of its seeming reality, turn from it in consciousness. Become indifferent and begin to feel yourself to be that which would be the solution of the problem.

You cannot serve two masters, therefore to take your attention from one state of consciousness and place it upon another, is to die to one and live to the other. Now you can see what is meant by “You must be born again.”

You cannot put new wine in old bottles or new patches upon old garments. That is: you cannot take with you into the new consciousness any part of the old man. All of your present beliefs, fears and limitations are weights that bind you to your present level of consciousness. If you would transcend this level you must leave behind all that is now your present self, or conception of yourself. To do this you take your attention away from all that is now your problem or limitation and dwell upon just being.

True meaning of prayer

Praying then, is seen to berecognizing yourself to be that which you now desire, rather than its accepting form of petitioning a God — that does not exist — for that which you now desire.

Recognition is the power that conjures in the world. Every state that you have ever recognized, you have embodied. That which you are recognizing as true of yourself today is that which you are experiencing.

The very moment your claim is established to the point of conviction, that moment you begin to draw unto yourself the evidence of your claim. Do not question the how of these things appearing: they do, that's all. Do not speculate as to the how of this consciousness embodying itself, for no man is wise enough to know the how. Speculation is proof that you have not attained to the naturalness of being the thing desired and so are filled with doubts.

Things have no reality other than in consciousness. Therefore, get the consciousness first and the thing is compelled to appear. The signs always follow, they never precede.

Change your consciousness

The only way to change your expressions of life is to change your consciousness. For consciousness is the reality that eternally solidifies itself in the things round about you. Man’s world in its every detail is his consciousness out-pictured.

Knowing this, begin to revalue yourself. Man has placed too little value upon himself. In other words, you can only be to others what you are first to yourself.

So awake to the power that you are, not as man, but as your true self, a faceless, formless awareness, and free yourself from your self-imposed prison.

The reason most of you fail to realize your desires is because you are constantly conditioning them. Do not condition your desire. Just accept it as it comes to you. Give thanks for it to the point that you are grateful for having already received it — then go about your way in peace.

Such acceptance of your desire is like dropping seed — fertile seed — into prepared soil. For when you can drop the thing desired in consciousness, confident that it shall appear, you have done all that is expected to you. But, to be worried or concerned about the how of your desire maturing is to hold these fertile seeds in a mental grasp, and, therefore, never to have dropped them in the soil of confidence. The reason men condition their desires is because they constantly judge after the appearance of being and see the things as real — forgetting that the only reality is the consciousness back of them.

The world at your command

Dwell upon just being by saying, “I AM,” “I AM,” “I AM,” to yourself. Continue to declare to yourself that you just are. Do not condition this declaration, just continue to feel yourself to be and without warning you will find yourself slipping the anchor that tied you to the shallow of your problems and moving out into the deep. Because you have lost all consciousness of your problems and barriers, it is now the easiest thing in the world to feel yourself to be one with the things desired.

You have become so enmeshed in the belief that you are man, that you have forgotten the glorious being that you are. Now, with your memory restored, decree the unseen to appear and it shal appear, for all things are compelled to respond to the Voice of God, your awareness of being — the world is at your command!

Neville Goddard's works

1939 – At Your Command

1941 – Your Faith is Your Fortune

1945 – Prayer: The Art of Believing

1946 – Awakened Imagination

1949 – Out of This World

1952 – The Power of Awareness

1956 – Seedtime and Harvest

1961 – The Law and The Promise

1966 – Resurrection

1977 – Immortal Man [Collection of lectures in book form]

December 28, 2014

Apollo 11: UFO On The Moon

The Moon hoax

Like many other people, some years ago I was captured by the intriguing arguments provided by Bill Kaysing in his attempt to prove that the moon landing had never happened. Of course, just like many other people, afterwards I realized that the evidence for the landing overwhelm those against it. The arguments adduced by the Moon hoax supporters are mostly based on some photograpic oddities, almost all of which can be easily explained through a deeper knowledge of the photographic techniques and its results; you can refer to this good hub for more information about such subject.



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But let us go on. I said that "almost all" of the photographic oddities can be easily explained; almost all, but not all. Some of such oddities ("space oddities", I would say with Bowie...) resist easy explanations. I do not dwell on this now; suffice it to say that these oddities pave the way to the UFO subject.

Some people say that, though Apollo missions did land on the Moon, still certain original photographs have been evidently retouched, perhaps in order to hide something from the public... a contact with UFOs, of course. Many people probably know the alleged story reported by a certain Otto Binder, "a former NASA employee". According to him, unnamed radio hams with their own VHF receiving facilities — that bypassed NASA's broadcasting outlets — picked up the following exchange:

NASA: What's there? Mission Control calling Apollo 11...

APOLLO: These "Babies" are huge, Sir! Enormous! Oh my God! You wouldn't believe it! I'm telling you there are other spacecraft out there, lined up on the far side of the crater edge! They're on the Moon watching us!

Or something like this.

But, unfortunately, Otto Binder was never a NASA employee: he was was an American author of science fiction and non-fiction books and stories, and comic books; probably, the story reported above was his invention.

The Nasa photo-libraries

Some years ago, both rediscovering my old passion for astronautics and a little teased by controversy about the reality of the Moon landing, as discussed above, I started to rummage in the NASA photo-libraries looking for interesting elements in the photographs of Apollo missions.

I found the photograph AS11-37-5515HR, shown below. It was taken by Buzz Aldrin during the Apollo 11 mission, inside the Lem, through the right porthole, in a moment between the re-entry after the moon-walk and the take off for the return. This photograph — likewise all other Apollo images stored in NASA public libraries — was originally shot on film and then scanned at high resolution. The digital version can be downloaded here.

The image below is an enlargement of the detail, with a further pixelated enlargement of the odd lights.

The image below shows the excerpt which I extracted from the original photograph.



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An Ufo?

No doubt, that little bright bow, blue-white-red colored, hovering the lunar horizon, at least arouses curiosity. If we observe the enlargement shown above, we can recognize the characteristics of a rather 'classic' UFO, accompanied by a beautiful reddish blaze (or beam of light?) which extends downwards.

Clearly it is not any known astronomical phenomenon; again, there could not be any other terrestrial spacecraft around the Moon, at that time, since the Apollo mission as we know was the first to bring the man to our only natural satellite. Or rather, it should be specified that then there was the Command Module, with Michael Collins inside, orbiting the Moon at about 110 km altitude, awaiting the return of his companions; but I do not think it could be our case, considering both the shape of the object in the photograph and the great orbital distance of the Module, which certainly did not allow its vision from the lunar surface with such clarity.

Other spacecraft or space oddity?

Assuming that it is not, trivially, the reflection of a small light inside the LEM on the glass of the porthole through which the photograph was taken (the light is to small and sharp to be a reflection, and again there are no other reflections), in my opinion only two possibilities remain:
  1. on the Moon, at that time, there were also other terrestrial spacecrafts of which we know nothing;
  2. on the Moon, at that time, there were other non-terrestrial spacecrafts.
To everyone his own choice.

This conclusion bring us back to the starting point. Is it possible that the Apollo missions were faked, not as regards landings — which really occurred —, but as regards the documentation about what really happened there? Did an UFO contact really occurred?

Unless they are all just space oddities...

Video: Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Recounts Apollo 11 UFO Encounter



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